Sequel Like A Hog(i) Not Squeal Like A Pig

Sequel Like A Hog(i), Not Squeal Like A Pig SUMMARY: In this post I will illustrate a creative work around for a scenario we had to deal with related to prepared statements in Sequel with an array of values. Recently I had been working on some big refactoring of one o our apps. As apps mature and become heavily used, sometimes we might feel a performance hit. In our app we were noticing some delays on the database side of things.

Go Grapple a Cobra and Rest Easy

Creating a Go Based CLI App (Part One) Welcome back! Today I would like to start a multi-part blog posting on a new project that I am working on. If you read my first post, ‘CIRCLE OF (BLOG) LIFE’, you may have seen me mention my first Golang project - JBlastor. While I do use JBlastor at my day job, I have learned a lot since it was created. Probably the most significant new knowledge was the Cobra framework/library.

Migrating Blog to Hugo

CIRCLE OF (BLOG) LIFE When I first began this journey several years back, including writing about my journey, I first used Jekyll. I barely knew what git was let alone Github Pages. However, I pushed through and brought to life the original ‘Old Guy New Trick’ blog. After a couple of years, I decided to port my Jekyll based blog to my very own home grown Rails app - FlexBlogr.

Net Cat Part Deux

NetCat Part Deux - The Writing on the Wall SUMMARY: Use netcat to help troubleshoot a TCP Port issue on a Linux VM (Guest) and our Laptop (OS X) which is a host running VirtualBox. My node (laptop) on the network cannot talk to a new application running on a linux server. Ever found yourself in this scenario? To add a layer of complexity, that application running on Linux server is a VirtualBox VM (virtual machine.

Omg Net Cat Can Do That

OMG Netcat Can Do That!!?? SUMMARY: Today we will see yet another cool thing netcat can do - file transfer. I could be King if I surrounded myself by fools. But I’d rather immerse myself in a group of people smarter than me so I can learn and grow. I believe that I am pretty comfortable and good at the command line - far from a guru, but I’ve been known to impress.

Fist Full of Tips

Fist Full Of Tips SUMMARY: Today I will cover a few tips that I picked up recently from my new job and noodling around a bit. We will re-visit ngrok, explore iTerm, use netcat (nc) and brush up against bundler. It has been an exciting year for me, chuck full of turberlance and change. But things have settled down and I find myself once again pledging to be more timely with my blog posts.

Ip Man Binary Ipsum

IP Man, err I mean Binary Ipsum As an intravert, it is hard for me to do public speaking. But after enjoying so many speakers at Conferences and our local RubyJax MeetUp, I decided that I had to buck up and do a presentation. This past October I pushed my nervousness down to my feet and presented my crafted BinaryIpsum talk for RubyJax. I have made the code repo, Tutorial and all related material available on Github at this link.

Importance of Naming Things

Importance of Naming Things SUMMARY: A quick look at the importance of using the correct file name format when creating Rspec tests. In this example I had some issues with the creation of new feature tests and why they wouldn’t run when using rspec spec/features/ Recently I have been working on improving my knowledge of testing with MiniTest. I had an opportunity to do some freelance work and was working on a project that uses RSpec.

Time to Share Add Ngrok

When It Is Time To Share, Add A Dash of Ngrok SUMMARY: Today I will cover a possible solution for sharing your Rails Application from your development environment to your client over the internet. I will be using a tool called Ngrok which has clients for OS X, Linux and Windows. I’ve been helping out on a new web application which has an interesting twist. Well, it is interesting to me as it is something new that I have not yet had to deal with.

Own and Fix Mistakes

Own And Fix Your Mistakes SUMMARY: This post will cover one possible solution for fixing an issue where one has committed sensitive data to a remote repo. I will be using a tool called BFG Repo Cleaner to assist me in solving this problem. Recently I’ve been a bit down since I’ve had to look for a new career home. I was driving home from a weekly meetup.

Walk on the Wild Side

Walk On The Wild side SUMMARY: In this post I will cover how I solved a problem of creating multiple Virtual Machines, in an automated fashion, using virt-install. Our Virtual Server host system is an Dell R610 (physical) Server running Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit and KVM. I will discuss using a preseed file, hosted on one of my webservers, along with two terminal sessions - one to ssh to the KVM host and one to use ssh as a tunnel.

Pour Some Subdomains on Me

Pour Some Subdomains On Me SUMMARY: This post will cover one possible solution for working with subdomains in a rails development environment. The solution will use and comes with an example Rails 5 application, in a very basic form, to assist with demonstrating why one would need to use this type of solution. Recently I began working on a new Rails application. The goal of this application is to be a SAAS (Software As A Service) solution.