Sequel Like A Hog(i) Not Squeal Like A Pig

Sequel Like A Hog(i), Not Squeal Like A Pig SUMMARY: In this post I will illustrate a creative work around for a scenario we had to deal with related to prepared statements in Sequel with an array of values.

Go Grapple a Cobra and Rest Easy

Creating a Go Based CLI App (Part One) Welcome back! Today I would like to start a multi-part blog posting on a new project that I am working on. If you read my first post, ‘CIRCLE OF (BLOG) LIFE’, you may have seen me mention my first Golang project - JBlastor.

Migrating Blog to Hugo

CIRCLE OF (BLOG) LIFE When I first began this journey several years back, including writing about my journey, I first used Jekyll. I barely knew what git was let alone Github Pages.

Net Cat Part Deux

NetCat Part Deux - The Writing on the Wall SUMMARY: Use netcat to help troubleshoot a TCP Port issue on a Linux VM (Guest) and our Laptop (OS X) which is a host running VirtualBox.

Omg Net Cat Can Do That

OMG Netcat Can Do That!!?? SUMMARY: Today we will see yet another cool thing netcat can do - file transfer. I could be King if I surrounded myself by fools.

Fist Full of Tips

Fist Full Of Tips SUMMARY: Today I will cover a few tips that I picked up recently from my new job and noodling around a bit. We will re-visit ngrok, explore iTerm, use netcat (nc) and brush up against bundler.

Ip Man Binary Ipsum

IP Man, err I mean Binary Ipsum As an intravert, it is hard for me to do public speaking. But after enjoying so many speakers at Conferences and our local RubyJax MeetUp, I decided that I had to buck up and do a presentation.

Importance of Naming Things

Importance of Naming Things SUMMARY: A quick look at the importance of using the correct file name format when creating Rspec tests. In this example I had some issues with the creation of new feature tests and why they wouldn’t run when using rspec spec/features/

Time to Share Add Ngrok

When It Is Time To Share, Add A Dash of Ngrok SUMMARY: Today I will cover a possible solution for sharing your Rails Application from your development environment to your client over the internet.

Own and Fix Mistakes

Own And Fix Your Mistakes SUMMARY: This post will cover one possible solution for fixing an issue where one has committed sensitive data to a remote repo. I will be using a tool called BFG Repo Cleaner to assist me in solving this problem.

Walk on the Wild Side

Walk On The Wild side SUMMARY: In this post I will cover how I solved a problem of creating multiple Virtual Machines, in an automated fashion, using virt-install. Our Virtual Server host system is an Dell R610 (physical) Server running Ubuntu 14.

Pour Some Subdomains on Me

Pour Some Subdomains On Me SUMMARY: This post will cover one possible solution for working with subdomains in a rails development environment. The solution will use and comes with an example Rails 5 application, in a very basic form, to assist with demonstrating why one would need to use this type of solution.