Ip Man Binary Ipsum

IP Man, err I mean Binary Ipsum

As an intravert, it is hard for me to do public speaking. But after enjoying so many speakers at Conferences and our local RubyJax MeetUp, I decided that I had to buck up and do a presentation. This past October I pushed my nervousness down to my feet and presented my crafted BinaryIpsum talk for RubyJax.

I have made the code repo, Tutorial and all related material available on Github at this link.

As the README.md file suggests, start with the Tutorial.md file. At the end of that file you will find links that emulate a live coding session from start to finish. There are also links for the presentation in both Keynote and PDF formats.

By the way, the movies IP Man and IP Man 2 are awesome! They were, when I watched them, streaming on Netflix.


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