Migrating Blog to Hugo


When I first began this journey several years back, including writing about my journey, I first used Jekyll. I barely knew what git was let alone Github Pages. However, I pushed through and brought to life the original ‘Old Guy New Trick’ blog.

After a couple of years, I decided to port my Jekyll based blog to my very own home grown Rails app - FlexBlogr. This platform served me well for a few years. FlexBlogr provided me an opportunity to create my very own Open-Source project as well as provide me a neat blogging platform - one where I could create blog posts via the web browser vs. creating markdown files, committing to git, and publishing.

Around September of 2018 I decided that, although I did my best to pitch using Elixir and Phoenix for our next-gen version of our API, I was not able to make any traction. I believe Ruby will always be my true love as far as programming languages go, and I really liked how Elixir and Phoenix made this Rubyist feel at home.

However, sometimes we need to work within our environment, and it was clear that Golang was making traction. We already had a new app written and supported by just one team member. As much as I wanted to continue with learning and working with Elixir, I had to switch my focus to Go.

So at the end of 2018 I wrote my first Go app - JBlastor. It if far from perfect, cough no tests cough but it was helpful in getting me started with Go. During my research of Go I stumbled upon Hugo. Hugo brought back fond memories of my early days with Ruby so I thought it appropriate for me to migrate my Blog to Hugo - a fresh start of a new segement of my journey.

In addition to migrating to Hugo, I also want to re-visit an old friend - Heroku. When I first started learning Ruby, and getting my app visible to the the ‘net’, I used Heroku. I know since those early days Heroku has improved by leaps and bounds and I think it appropriate that my ‘reboot’ bring me back to my roots. So this blog will be hosted on Heroku.

Please be patient with me as I migrate all my old posts from FlexBlogr, which is stored in a Postgres database, over to Hugo. In addition to this migration, I also want to get back into the habbit of publishing new posts each month. I am embarrased to admit that is has been over two years since I published a new article to FlexBlogr. I have published to Medium, and going forward will probably cross post between here and Medium.

If you are new to ‘Old Guy New Trick (OGNT)’ then welcome! For those that have been with me for a while, please accept my apologies from being absent. Although I have been sharing my stories at MeetUps, I’ve been negligent with sharing/teaching via my blog posts.

HoGi… (aka John F. Hogarty)

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